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If It Is Only Mechanically Satisfying the Above

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If It Is Only Mechanically Satisfying the Above

Сообщение jackpeter 12 апр 2022, 09:46

In fact, if it is only mechanically satisfying the above standards, the final name may only have a level of 60 points, and another idea (note: it is an idea, not a standard) to be introduced in this article can reach at least 80 points. . If i could sum up its gist in one sentence, it would be: a good name should have its own "selling point". Of course, the so-called "selling point" can actually be divided into two situations: features are selling points: if your product is highly differentiated relative to competitors, then this feature is likely to be your core selling point and should be incorporated into the name.

The point of interest is the selling point : if the features of the product are difficult to describe intuitively, it is also a good choice to name the point of interest that consumers are most concerned about. Well, i know that such special email list a description is very abstract, so let’s bring it into a concrete case to interpret it. 1. Features are selling points if you were to ask me: "of all the brands or products you've heard of, which name do you think makes the best?" then my answer will definitely include a drink - more orange. Maybe the name looks a little more earthy now.

In fact, the whole brand is a bit old), but if you go back in time to 17 years ago, when it first came on the market, it would be completely different. At that time, the domestic juice market was almost blank compared to today. In the supermarket, except for the coconut milk of the coconut tree brand, the others are basically carbonated drinks, mineral water, red bull and soy milk. And the resounding name of "xiancheng duo" can instantly distinguish it from other beverages, and directly points to its own selling point - "xian" is a very attractive word, which can highlight the quality; "orange" can instantly.

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